In architecture, “dimensions” is often used as a mathematical term to measure size or distance in space. Yet, in a broader sense, “dimensions” also implies diversity in perspective, aptly describing us as alumni of the School of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

To pursue individual passions with architectural knowledge as the core of our professional development, to push ourselves and challenge the norms of being an “architect” are what we have learned in our university education. In celebration of the Silver Jubilee of our School of Architecture this past year, we hope that this exhibition projects the “multiple dimensions” of our fellow alumni across two decades, unleashing interdisciplinary creativity on a dynamic spectrum, while advocating the different social roles as architects who aspire to imagine, innovate and impact.

破例 - 香港中文大學建築學院廿五周年校友展



Exhibition Period Opening Hours Opening Ceremony
04-22 MAY 2017 DAILY 10AM-10PM 04 MAY 2017 5:30PM
Living Room Museum, Times Square, Causeway Bay
Exhibition Period
04-22 MAY 2017
Opening Hours
Opening Ceremony
04 MAY 2017 5:30PM

Exhibition Design

Amidst the hyper density in the heart of Hong Kong, the exhibition design for CUHK School of Architecture Alumni offers the Times Square Living Room Museum a momentary sense of depth and grandeur through the use of forced perspective. It has a 20 meter long exhibition space that appears to be triple the reality- it is a spatial experience through the gradual change of dimension and colors, together with the play of inclination of the central axis. Such play of scale was showcased in one of the best historical architecture example, Palazzo Spada, designed by Italian Architect Francesco Borromini.

The graphic design goes hand in hand with the spatial design through the manipulation of architectural scales and the multiplication of layers and lines; together with the tone of silver, celebrating the "Silver Anniversary" – the 25th anniversary of the School of Architecture at Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Exhibition Layout

  1. Nelson Tam 譚善隆 (BSSc (AS) 1999, MArch 2002)
  2. Peter Chan 陳思宗 (BSSc (AS) 1999, MArch 2002)
  3. Raymond Chan, Lucia Cheung, Thyne Kong 陳志恆、張艷芬、江玉霞 (BSSc (AS) 1996, MArch 1999; BSSc (AS) 1995; BSSc (AS) 1996, MArch 1999)
  4. Phiyona Au-Yeung 歐陽明詩 (BSSc (AS) 1994, MArch 1997)
  5. Larry Tsoi, Hei Wai Cheung, Justin Law蔡暉、張希蔚、羅晋偉 (BSSc (AS) 2002, MArch 2005; BSSc (AS) 2004, MArch 2007; BSSc (AS) 2007, MArch 2010)
  6. Lemuel Cheng 鄭伯超 (BSSc (AS) 1997, MArch 2000)
  7. Ida Sze, Billy Chan 施琪珊、陳維正 (BSSc (AS) 1998, MArch 2001; BSSc (AS) 1998, MArch 2001)
  8. Kevin Mak 麥憬淮 (BSSc (AS) 2006, MArch 2009)
  9. Karr Yip, Wilson Lee葉小卡、李孝斌(BSSc (AS) 2000, MArch 2003; BSSc (AS) 2000, MArch 2003)
  10. Wai Wing Yun 甄偉榮 (BSSc (AS) 2007)
  11. Kevis Wong 黃正梆 (BSSc (AS) 2003, MArch 2006)
  12. Edmond Wong 黃澤源 (BSSc (AS) 2007, MArch 2010)
  13. Yitan Sun 孫藝潭 (BSSc (AS) 2012)
  14. Eunice Tsui, Eric Ng 徐思敏、吳兆昌 (BSSc (AS) 2013, MArch 2016; BSSc (AS) 2013)
  15. Vincent Lai 黎穎謙 (BSSc (AS) 2003, MArch 2006)
  16. Lung Wai Ng 伍龍威 (BSSc (AS) 1997, MArch 1999)
  17. Sarah Mui 梅詩華 (BSSc (AS) 2006)
  18. Robert Wong 王建明 (BSSc (AS) 1998, MArch 2001)
  19. Maggie Ma 馬潔怡 (BSSc (AS) 2004, MArch 2007)
  20. Allen Poon 潘浩倫 (BSSc (AS) 1997, MArch 2000)
  21. Hoiwood Chang, Vinco Mung, Gary Yeung 張海活、蒙兆禧、楊煒強 (BSSc (AS) 1995, MArch 2000; MArch 2000; BSSc (AS) 1995, MArch 1998)
  22. Thomas Chee 池璟希 (BSSc(AS) 2013, MArch 2016)

“Multiple Dimensions” is part of the CUHK School of Architecture 25th Anniversary celebrations.
With the theme of “IMAGINE.INNOVATE.IMPACT”, the year-long celebration programme aims to illustrate how architectural concepts can be transformed into creative designs that engage meaningfully with the world. More information is available at the School website:

主辦 Presented by

策展人 Curators
張國麟 Alan Cheung (BSSc (AS) 2004, MArch 2007)
潘浩倫 Allen Poon (BSSc (AS) 1997, MArch 2000)
李孝斌 Wilson Lee (BSSc (AS) 2000, MArch 2003)

展覽設計 Exhibition Designers
林雪筠 Katja Lam (BSSc (AS) 2006, MArch 2009)
羅晋偉 Justin Law (BSSc (AS) 2007, MArch 2010)

圖像設計 Graphic Designers
劉俊堯 Agnus Lau (BSSc (AS) 2006, MArch 2009)
吳家健 Gary Ng (BSSc (AS) 2006, MArch 2009)

網頁設計 Website Designer
黎穎謙 Vincent Lai (BSSc (AS) 2003, MArch 2006)

籌備團隊 Organising Team
張天欣 Jessica Cheung (BSSc (AS) 2005, MArch 2008)
劉嘉欣 Jessie Lau (BSSc (AS) 2007, MArch 2010)
高家揚 Rina Ko (BSSc (AS) 2011, MArch 2014)
雲麗瑩 Samantha Wan(BSSc (AS) 2008)
呂東妮 Toni Lui (BSSc (AS) 2010, MArch 2014)
姚鑫波 Vince Yiu (BSSc (AS) 2007, MArch 2010)
陸永麟 William Luk (BSSc (AS) 2006, MArch 2009)
杜婉婷 Yuen-ting Tao (BSSc (AS) 2007, MArch 2010)

特別鳴謝 Special Thanks
陳榮聲 Alvin Chan
丁思毅 Cynthia Ting (BSSc (AS) 2007)
梁燕蕾 Janice Leung
陳家蔚 Kiwi Chan