Peter Chan
BSSc (AS) 1999
MArch 2002
Associate Director
Ronald Lu & Partners

Peter Chan received his Master Degree in Architecture from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002 and is currently an Associate Director at Ronald Lu & Partners. A strong advocate for Transit Oriented Development (TOD), he has been involved in the design and planning of a wide range of railway-related projects. Peter was also the project leader for design and implementation of Century Gateway cum V-City.In addition, he serves as a committee member for Buildings & Lands Committee and Planning & Urban Design Committee of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA).

陳思宗先生於二零零二年獲香港中文大學建築學碩士學位,現任呂元祥建築師事務所助理董事。作為公共交通導向開發 "Transit Oriented Development" (TOD)的擁護者, 陳先生一直參與規劃不同類型的鐵路相關專案, 包括日出康城總體規劃, 柯士甸站、荃灣西站和何文田站的物業發展研究。 他還是西鐵線屯門站上蓋的商業居住綜合開發項目「瓏門」及「 V-City」 的專案負責人。陳先生的工作專注於高密度公共交通導向開發 "High Density Transit Oriented Development" (HDTOD)。對於現代中國城市的急速發展及都會化所帶來之問題和機遇,他堅信 HDTOD會是一個可行可靠的出路。他在中國曾參與的大型專案包括上海閔行區天薈「TODTOWN」,珠海環宇城「Unipark」及佛山二、三号線TOD研究。

陳先生也積極於香港建築師學會事務, 並分別於建築物條例委員會和規劃及地政委員會擔任委員。

achieve a seamless integration 造就無縫銜接的都市空間
TODTOWN reunites the fragmented urban fabric with a series of three-dimensional linkages. 「天薈」以立体的連接方法把原本被軌道撕裂的城市肌理重新縫合。

act an intermodal transportation interchange 成為多種交通模式的轉換中心
TODTOWN provides not the most direct connection, but the smoothest transition with clear sign-posting and weather protection to commuters. 「天薈」提供的不是最直接的連接,而是透過有效的標示去給予旅客最舒適,安全及有趣的換乘。

serve a mixed-used function 提供混合用途功能
TODTOWN offers the ideal urban living style, whereby one lives,works or learns, shops, dines and entertains within the development. 「天薈」提供理想的都市生活方式,為住客帶來生活工作娛樂一站式的方便。

develop a three-dimensional network 構建立體的空間系統
TODTOWN re-stitch the existing urban fabric with 3-dimensional connectors and spaces such as roof gardens, atriums and outdoor courtyards. 「天薈」利用不同的連接方法和公共空間,如平台花園、中庭和户外庭園等把附近的小區和設施重新連結。

create a vibrant hub 創造充滿活力的生活空間
"V-City" has energized the entire Tuen Mun Area and interlaced the communities as a pivotal shopping's destination. 「V-City」連結了舊社區和新發展,提供了具話題的購物点,並為整個屯門社區注入了新氣。

nurture a salubrious living environment 培育有利健康的生活環境
Century Gateway has offered vast podium roof landscape over the public transport networks to provide its residents a safe and barrier-free area for leisure pursuits. 「瓏門」在公共交通基建上提供了廣闊的平台綠化,為住客提供了一個安全和無障礙的休閒空間。

optimise pedestrian oriented paths 優化步行路徑
LOHAS Park provides pedestrian segregation to ensure smooth and safe traffic for both people and vehicle. 「日出康城」主張人車分流, 以確保交通暢順和人車安全。

aim for an appropriate densification 旨在適當強度的開發
The high plot ratio for LOHAS Park allows a tight, compact vertical scheme that effectively utilizes the land resources and minimize the energy resources in commuting.「日出康城」的高地積比率允許一個緊湊的垂直空間佈局, 有效地使用土地資源之外也最大限度地減少了花費在交通上的能源消耗。

prepare for future changes with advance planning 做好前期規劃
For LOHAS Park, it makes appropriate reserve for development enablingworks provision with enough flexibility to cater future changes.「日出康城」適當地規劃了上蓋預留工程,並容許某程度的彈性以應付未來的變化。

establish a new neighborhood rendezvous 建立新型社區中心
Foshan TOD incorporates various community use to offer more lifestyles choices for the local residents and forms a new neighborhood centre. 佛山 TOD項目融合了各種文娛康樂設施,為當地居民提供更多的休閒選擇, 並形成一個新的鄰里中心。